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It is no longer a statement that investing in cryptocurrencies is terrible! Many investors have already allocated a portion to crypto. But how do you get all the information? This newsletter will get information from multiple sources and give you in an email. So you don't need to search and spend a ton of time.

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Where do you need to search?

1. Reddit

Reddit has been a hot spot for meme-inspired cryptocurrencies which have provided massive gains. It will contain all the trending ones

2. Coinbase penny listings

Coinbase is considered to be the trusted place for trading crypto. When it is getting listed in the coinbase, the particular coin goes to the roof.

  1. Latest news from different places

  2. Recent movers in last day

  3. Trending coins

  4. And much more.

Crypto bytes is your daily breakfast email from different crypto exchanges.

You will get a detailed email with a lot of different information, so you can use it for your trading or a long-term investment.

Disclaimer: Crypto bytes do not provide buy and sell recommendations. It provides you the info to trade. The buying decision is still something you make. We do not trade for you!

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Crypto Bytes

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